Liberian Entrepreneur Creates Heavenly Aroma

Cecret Candles are all natural soy lotion candles, homemade with all natural ingredients such as ecosoy wax, unrefined shea butter and the finest premium based fragrance oils. Cecret Candles acts as natural moisturizing agent that makes your skin feel like silk. The cotton wick has been primed with a vegetable-based wax for a natural burn. I guarantee from the first time you light a Cecret Candle, you will enjoy the fragrance all the way down to the bottom. Cecret Candles are made in the USA with tender love and care.

When it came to naming the Cecret Candles, I took slangs, expressions and friendly gestures used in various African continents and the Caribbean. I like to think of it as a way of learning new fun fact words to apply to your everyday life. Take for instance “DASH” is a common slang that’s used in West African English from Sierra Leone to Cameroon. The meaning is a bonus or discount given by vendors to wholesale customers.

Cecret Candles focuses more on connecting cultures and invoking memories one candle at a time. I’m so glad to introduce to you my company and all of my product developments such as candles and handmade African inspired pillow cases, scarfs, make-up bags and totes.
If you need more information on Cecret Candles or where to purchase please visit the following links

I appreciate your patronage,

Sesima KamaCecret Candles LOGOra
Founder/Cecret Candles


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