Introducing the Brumskine Strategy for Economic Prosperity in Liberia

Liberia craves a functioning economy, and the Brumskine Strategy for Economic Prosperity offers a pragmatic path to achieving one. The Brumskine Strategy, pro-Liberian, pro-growth, pro-trade, and pro-business, policies posit an approach that will grow the economy, create jobs, and provide opportunities for all Liberians.

The Liberian economy continues to perform poorly and the Unity Party government has done little or nothing to alleviate the plight of the poor. Four out of every 5 Liberians are fighting to escape poverty. The short term economic outlook is not encouraging because of the failure of the Unity Party government to do strategic investments with the large cash windfalls received over the past 12 years.

In order to reverse the prevailing stagnation in the Liberian economy, the Brumskine Strategy will attain four goals:

  • Develop Liberian entrepreneurship evidenced by both the scale and scope of Liberian participation in the economy
  • Reduce the number of Liberians living on less than US$1 per day by half by 2023
  • Grow and broaden the economic base through improved environment for both domestic and foreign private investments
  • Expand and diversify trade within ECOWAS thereby strengthening the long-term relationship with countries within the sub region

These fundamentals goals will not be realized in a vacuum. Consequently, the Brumskine Strategy has developed a 10-point plan to boost economic activities.

  1. Put more money in the hands of the Liberian people by maximizing opportunities to increase the value of our local production and build a domestic economy
  2. Stop the old economic practice where plantation-style concession agreements take away the people’s land. Prior and informed consent of the owners of the land will be the way to go on all future concessions
  3. Reduce government footprint (control of public corporations) and encourage private sector to facilitate growth in the domestic economy
  4. Keep the US dollar as the dual currency with the Liberian dollar (working with the CBL) to ensure trade with global partners and keep Liberia as an attractive destination for business in ECOWAS
  5. Create a financing arrangement to help Liberians to build decent homes and add value to their land in and around our cities and towns
  6. Use Public Procurement opportunities to give Liberians more business and build Liberian entrepreneurship. Government will set realistic targets to buy goods and services from Liberians.
  7. Simplify the process for cross border trade towards ECOWAS countries and Africa; so market women and small business owners can move around the region more freely to do business
  8. Build a modern economic infrastructure—our roads, our telecommunications, our water and sewer, and affordable electricity.
  9. Create 49,000 jobs and livelihood opportunities to get more money into young people’s hands. Over the long term only the private sector can sustainably create jobs; but over the short to medium term and until the new economic policies and strategies bring growth to the economy, the government will help using public expenditure for the rehabilitation of roads, sanitation projects in municipalities, short-term teaching opportunities, etc. to expand employment.
  10. Redefine and reorganize the Ministry of Labor (MOL) is the final phase of job creation through workforce training and development. The new MOL will emphasize livelihood and employment promotion through skills training and certification programs and will work with businesses to identify, train, and certify youth for existing and future opportunities around where they live.

Liberians, economic prosperity can be our reality. But we need the right leadership to provide stewardship of the economy. The Brumskine Strategy puts Liberia and Liberians first. The Brumskine Strategy recognizes the intrinsic value and worth of every Liberian and aims to elevate our standard of living.

The Brumskine Strategy is for the Liberian people and about the Liberian people.  The Liberian people time has come.


The Case for a Brumskine Presidency: Part 1 – Character & Integrity

Charles W. Brumskine (CWB) has devoted his life and career to making the Republic of Liberia a fairer, just and equitable society. Generous with his personal resources, magnanimous toward antagonists, accommodating with dissenting and contrarian views, scrupulous in his jurisprudence, ever the willing and available public servant – not forgetting his commitment to family and faith – CWB represents a model of the caliber of public leadership Mama Liberia so desperately craves.

CWB exudes a generous spirit, never holding back denying those who come seeking a gift for food, school fees, or medicine for a sick child. He does not trumpet his generosity to garner public recognition; rather he follows the teaching of Jesus who said, “Do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.” Countless students across Liberia can point to CWB as the silent benefactor who kept them in school. He wisely employed his hard-earned resources to provide scholarships to students who agreed to spend their vacation in their home villages. He has been generous toward those with fewer opportunities. Market women can testify that he personally indemnified their loans to ensure capital for small businesses that provided food, tuition, funds for hospital visits, and a sense of security.

His deep and abiding faith teaches and demands fairness toward all antagonist. “Bless those who persecute you”, he was taught from an early age. And CWB is known to bless his adversaries. Though forced unnecessarily into exiled by the NPP-led government in 1999, he has never spoken negatively about any of his former colleagues. On the contrary, he has endeavored to build bridges, recognizing that reconciliation is the clearest path to national healing and sustained nation building.

The next shepherd of Liberia’s democracy must be tolerant and accommodating of dissenting and contrarian views. CWB radiates just the kind of personality and disposition required in our next president. He is calm, reflective, confident, assertive, accommodating – possessing a big heart and wide open arms. He welcomes a spirited debate and will hold his ground; he is quick to recognize and embrace a good idea even if it differs from his point of view – precisely the temperament we seek in our leader.

His jurisprudence exemplifies his devotion to his fellow citizens. Like his father – the giant and gallant legal hero of countless improvised Liberians, Hannibal Brumskine – CWB believes that the law must equally serve all citizens. He believes the law serves not just the purposes of the rich and well-connected, but, like the Cross, the law is the equalizer of all men. Consequently, CWB has represented both affluent and poor clients, always employing the law to advance quality of life for all Liberians.

Moreover, CWB is ever the enthusiastic and available public servant. On a sultry Monrovia evening in late 2015, he shared a plate of sushi with friends at a local restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Guinea. The ambience of the evening was appropriate for a couple of hours of conversation. They talked about politics, history, current events, food, faith and many other topics. Just before dinner ended, CWB shared elements of how he would govern Liberia when given the opportunity. His disclosure was a concise and thoughtful explication of his governing philosophy; it was evident that he had given much thought and prayer to his response. He spoke about King David, Israel’s greatest military and political leader, as a model of the kind of leadership required to lift Liberia. He spoke lengthily about David’s faith, David’s fairness, and David’s fortitude. Listening to him, it is evident that he places premium stock on public service. His heart radiates the kind of selflessness that we seek and demand in our next president.

He has spent the last 42 years with his college sweetheart; this is a man who stands by his commitment. Together, CWB and Estelle have raised three wonderful children.

Finally, the glue that holds his character and integrity intact is his unwavering submission to the Lordship of his Savior Jesus Christ. His deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ affords him a Kingdom perspective that informs his public service. CWB loves the Lord and he brings that love of God – and fear of God – to the presidency of Liberia.