As we commence celebrating Thanksgiving, let’s remember to be truly thankful. In spite of our current circumstance, there are a host of things we can all be very grateful for. We are called upon to give thanks with grateful hearts. Employing a bit of thoughtfulness in the process will heighten the awareness of how blessed we are. Such awareness overflows in heartfelt praise and thanksgiving.
Looking back focuses us from whence we’ve come. It traces the hand of God at work on our behalf at different junctures of our lives. Looking back reminds us of our humble beginnings. It helps us keep life in proper perspective. You may not be “there” yet, wherever your “there” is. But looking back reveals that you’ve come a mighty long way. And for this, give thanks with a joyful heart!
Look around. Do you see how blessed you are? Count your blessings and you will realize that they far exceeded what you imagined. An attitude of continual gratitude should overflow in all of our hearts and minds as we comprehend how blessed we are. As we look around us and observe the rich gifts and blessings bestowed upon us in the form of families, and friends, we give thanks.
Finally, look up as an acknowledgment to our heavenly Father, as the giver of life and every good gift. Look up in joyful thanks and praise for all the Lord has done for you. Look up in absolute surrender to God for who he is and continually thank him.
Looking back, and around, and above us, we are forced to conclude that we’ve been blessed. Let us embrace a spirit of thanksgiving to God for his excellent goodness to us. Do not withhold your willing and joyful praise to God for his abundant kindness. Be willing and ready to articulate God’s faithfulness to you. We’ve all been given multiple reasons to be truly thankful. Go ahead, open your mouths, raise your voices and give thanks to God and whomever it is due. Be encouraged!
God bless,
Pastor Kennedy
Bethel Atlanta


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